Safe FAQs

● 1. I have tried to set my code on a Yale Certified Safe but it will not set - I simply get the message on the LCD screen which says ‘ERROR’

It is necessary to press the ‘ENTER’ key and ‘3’ simultaneously. To achieve this, it is best to first press and hold down the ‘ENTER’ button firs and keep pressed down.

Whilst keeping ‘ENTER’ button pressed down you then press ‘3’ with your other hand, and then the ’SET CODE’ message will appear.

● 2. My YFM Series’ Fire Safe batteries have run flat and I cannot open the door, what can I do now?

The Fire Safes have a manual override method, by which you can apply a +9V battery to the two terminals located underneath the dial. Hold the battery on to the terminals, with your other hand and whilst keeping the 9V battery held on. Brush your hand onto the digital touch-screen; the safe display should then ‘wake up’. Enter your code in the normal manner and the safe will open.

● 3. I have forgotton my PIN code for my Fire Safe, what can I do?

All Yale Fire Safes are preset with factory ‘default’ codes. This code can be obtained by emailing Yale Customer Services at

To process you request, you will need to quote on your email the Fire Safe Serial Number (located underneath the digital keypad, usually in the format ‘E1XXXXXX’), your name, address, telephone number, proof of purchase, and identification displaying your name and address (for example this can be a driving licence).

Your six digit factory pass code will be emailed to you within 24 hours, together with instructions on how to use this code to gain access to your safe.

● 4. How do I change the codes on my Y-MS0000 Budget Safe?

The Y-MS safe has two codes - a ‘user’ code and a back-up (or second user) ‘master’ code. To change the user code, you need to first press the red button which is located inside the safe next to the door hinge. The display will read ‘SET CODE’. Simply enter your desired new code followed by pressing the ‘START’ button. Your new user code is set.

To change your secondary ‘master code’, you need to know what the current master code is. Again, first press the internal red push button, followed by ‘START’ and you will be prompted to enter your existing master code. Please enter this code now, and then press the ‘START’ button again. The screen will ask you again to input your new code. Then the screen will read ‘REPEAT’. Enter your code a second time, followed by pressing ‘START’.

Full instructions, including manuals for all our other products, can also be downloaded from our website.

● 5. I wish to purchase a safe and bolt it to a wall, is this possible?

The majority of our safes can be either floor or wall-mounted, or both; the only exception being the Fire Safe range (‘YFM’ Series’) which can only be floor mounted. The reason for this is because of the protective fire-proof material within the internal side walls of the Fire Safe, thereby only permitting floor mounting.

● 6. I have a Yale safe and I have lost my override keys, what can I do?

Please get in touch to request a replacement key: The two types of key should be shown on your yale safe; please include the number of your key in your correspondance.