Mechanical FAQs

● 1. I have an outward opening wooden door, which one of your locks would I be able to use for this door handing?

To use a latch on an outward opening door the latchbolt would need to be reversed. All our Nightlatches and mortice locks are manufactured to suit inward opening doors only. Certain nightlatch models, however, will permit manual latchbolt reversing and these are listed below:

P-77(but NOT the modern 77 version, ‘P-Y3’)
Note: all our mortice locks permit latchbolt reversing, whether it is 2 lever, 3 lever or 5 lever.

● 2. What is meant by the term ‘backset’?

This is the measurement (in mm) from the door edge to the centre of the keyhole. Usually this is 60mm for a Nightlatch. If you have an existing lock on your door, this measurement is important to ensure you purchase the correctly sized replacement lock.

● 3. My insurance company have specified that British Standard locks to ‘BS-3621’ are fitted on my front door. Which Yale locks should I purchase?

Our British Standard (‘High Security’ range) Nightlatch is part number P-BS1 (60mm backset), or P-BS2 (with 40mm backset), both conform to ‘BS3621’. ‘Standard Security’ range Nightlatches do not have this conformity.

It is worth checking your insurance T’s and C’s, as you can most often use a non-BS3621 Nightlatch from our Standard Securit,y in conjunction with a separate 5 lever mortice lock (to standard BS3621), in order to satisfy your insurance requirements.

● 4. I have fitted one of your Nightlatches ‘with manual Deadlocking’, part number P-89 / P-85. Why does my lock NOT reverse deadlock from outside as it says on the packaging?

 Please check the fitting instructions and remove the lock from the door (i.e. from the mounting plate). You need to ensure that arrow point, as marked on the back of the lock case, is exactly aligned with the dot marking on the rotating cam.
These both need to be aligned correctly for the manual deadlocking feature to operate.

● 5. I would like extra keys cut for my Yale lock, who can supply extra cut keys for me please?

Approved High Street locksmiths or Timpsons would be able to duplicate cylinder keys for you. Please input your postcode in to the ‘Find a Stockist’ section on the Yale website, for a local locksmith, alternatively call in to your nearest Timpson’s outlet.

● 6. I have fitted a mechanical Push button Door lock (model P-DL01/02). I have an issue in that the door opens all the time but turn of the code pad handle, even without me inputting a code.

Please check both the handing of your door, and the Push button door lock spindle position by following the diagrams in the fitting guide (steps 5 and 7). The lock, by default, is set up for left-hand doors only (i.e hinged on the right).

If your door is hung (i.e. hinged) on the left, then you will need to relocate the code pad handing pin as per the diagram (position B) as per step 5 on the instruction guide. You will also need to re-position the spindle as per step 7 of the instructions (diagram B).    

● 7.  Does the Yale ‘Keyless’ Digital Door lock conform to a British Standard?

No, this product does not currently have an insurance rating. However like our Standard range of Nightlatches, you can combine the convenient feature of ‘keyless’ with a 5 lever ‘BS3621’ mortice lock to satisfy most insurance company requirements. Please always check with your insurer to be certain of their T’s and C’s.