Using your Keyless Connected lock with a Vera Smarter Home Control System.


If you have invested in a Vera Home Control System and a Yale Keyless Connected lock with Z-Wave module, you can enjoy the benefits of the Smart products working seamlessly together. Below is all the information you need to connect your Smart Lock to a Vera system.

How to connect the systems:

  • On the Vera Dashboard select 'Add Device'
  • Select 'Door locks/Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt' (The instructions that appear on the screen are for the American Yale locks so can be ignored.)
  • If the lock is new set a new master code as detailed below, otherwise click 'Next' on Vera.

How to set up the Master Code:  

  • Press any key to wake the lock up.
  • Enter the default master code (123456) followed by the # key.
  • Press 1 followed by the # key.
  • Enter your new master code followed by the # key.
  • Click 'Next' on Vera.

To Include the lock in the Z-Wave network follow the instructions below

  • Press any key on the lock to wake it up.
  • Enter your master code followed by the # key.
  • Press  4 followed by the # key.
  • Press 1 followed by the # key.
  • The lock will play a 3 tone sound to indicate this has completed.
  • Click 'Exit'.

Your lock is now added to your Vera system and should appear on the devices page.

Configuring the Keyless Connected lock in VERA

  • Click on the lock in from the Vera Dashboard, you will be presented with the following screen

To Add/Delete PIN code select 'PIN Codes':

  • To Add select 'Add Pin Code' and type in a name and PIN code for that slot
  • To Delete click the Dustbin Icon next to the relevant code you wish to delete
  • To Modify the times at which a Pin can unlock the door click 'Restrictions' on the relevant PIN you wish to modify. You will see a Validity Menu appear at the bottom of the screen:
    • Select 'Always' if you want the PIN to work all the time
    • Select 'Daily' to specify a start/end time and date range you want the PIN code to operate.
    • Select 'Weekly', to specify the days of the week and the start/end times you want to restrict PIN access to.

 To change settings in the lock, select 'Device Options', you will be presented with the following screen:

  • Silent Mode (Default off)
    • To enable Silent Mode  enter 1 in the 'Desired Value' box on the Silent Mode row, and click 'Save Changes'.
    • To Disable Silent Mode follow the procedure above but enter the value 3in 'Desired Value' box.


  • Relock Time , This is the time the lock will remain unlocked for if unlocked using a PIN number, if you wish to change the unlock time when the lock is unlocked remotely from the system, please see page 16 of the Keyfree Connected user manual.
    • To Change the PIN unlock time, enter a value in seconds between 7 and 60 in the 'Desired Value' box on the 'Relock time' row and click 'Save Changes'.

 The following options are not supported by the Keyless Connected lock and SHOULD NOT BE MODIFIED, MODIFING THESE OPTIONS COULD CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH THE LOCK

  • Wrong Code Entry Limit
  • Radio event Reporting
  • Shut down time after wrong code entries
  • Operating mode