Which smart lock is right for me?


Whatever type of door you have, there’s a smart lock to fit your home. Use the simple guide below to see which locks right for you.

PVCu doors are the most common form of replacement doors and feature a multipoint lock running the length of the door. A multipoint lock often locks in three places and features rollers to ensure a tight, weatherproof seal, making for a highly efficient and more secure locking solution. PVCu doors are often made of a white plastic resin, but are available in other finishes.

Composite doors also feature a multipoint lock, and are often finished in a woodgrain effect, to give them a more natural timber look.

A traditional timber door usually features a nightlatch, which has a single locking point that is often round-edged and spring loaded. Timber doors can be fabricated from softwood or hardwood, and can include glazed panels and a moulded fascia. Finished in either a natural glaze or a coloured paint, a timber door can be easily identified by the distinctive sound of knocking on wood.